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Too Much Summer Heat in San Antonio? Try These Window Treatments to Stay Cool

While summer is the ideal time to have fun outdoors, scorching temperatures can send lots of people back in their homes. But occasionally high heat can accompany you indoors through your windows, forcing you to pull the curtains or retreat to a cooler room. Why can summer heat choose where and when you can enjoy the comfort of your own home?

As opposed to sacrificing natural light or scenic views, try new window treatments. Plenty of options feature light-filtering or insulating features that can lower the amount of heat arriving through your windows. These custom window treatments are as eye-catching as they are practical. If you prefer to better regulate sunlight, heat, humidity and other problems, why not request a free in-home or virtual consultation? A local design consultant can recommend breathtaking treatments that block sunlight heat from windows.

Roman Shades Diffuse Harsh Sunlight

Roman shades are increasingly popular because they feature attractive designs while being simple to clean and maintain. These pleated window treatments close snugly when up and deliver a clean, appealing look when down. These controls can even be motorized for complete convenience. New custom Roman shades give you privacy and light control.

And if you prefer higher energy efficiency, Solera® Soft Shades blend the appearance of Roman shades with the insulating cells of honeycomb shades. Select from an assortment of colors and fabric opacities to ensure you decide how much light and heat enter the room. These pockets of air guard against heat and sunlight, helping you lower your energy use.

Honeycomb Shades Insulate Against Heat

When insulation is your number one priority, full honeycomb shades are a convenient choice. These shades come in single-, double- and triple-cell varieties, providing more possibilities depending on your home’s needs. Some are also made with numerous layers of fabric for an even better layer of protection. You don’t have to worry about obstructing the window entirely, because translucent fabrics offer a warm glow as sunlight is scattered into the room.

Duette® Honeycomb Shades are the most energy-efficient honeycomb shades around. You can pick between two styles, multiple layers of fabric and a variety of pleat sizes for a truly personalized final product. You can even add blackout or light diffusion for full control over sunlight heat.

Plantation Shutters Withstand Heat, Humidity and Fading

For an impressive blend of elegance and function, you can never go wrong with customized plantation shutters. Their strong, luxurious look complements many types of home and décor. But were you aware they’re also ideal for shutting out sunlight and heat? With the appropriate material, plantation shutters can be the perfect answer to energy-efficiency issues.

Louverwood® Plantation Shutters are built with innovative cellular PVC that appears like natural hardwood but boasts much better insulation. Not only do these shutters look fantastic, but they’ll stay that way thanks to natural resistance to cracking, peeling and fading. You’ll welcome their minimal maintenance needs while enjoying their effortless charm for years to come.

Fine Tune Your Shutters with Our Visualizer Tool

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Keep Out Sunlight and Heat with Help from Louver Shop of San Antonio

A quality set of new window treatments can make coping with summer heat and sunlight feel like a refreshing breeze. Custom fabric opacities, insulating air pockets and resilient materials can help make sure that your windows are energy-efficient accessories of your home. If you want expert advice on your options, try requesting a free consultation with one of our design experts. They match Louver Shop of San Antonio for their devotion to helping you track down the perfect window treatments.