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Do Plantation Shutters Keep Out Cold?

Do you worry about the chilly air coming in through your windows? Plantation shutters are a good way to keep your home comfortable. They offer both energy efficiency and insulation that can help keep your home warmer.

Not to mention, they're a stunning, timeless window treatment! These days, plantation shutters are available in all shapes, sizes and colors so it's convenient to find something that fits your style. Let's discuss how plantation shutters can make winter less unpleasant.

How Plantation Shutters Keep Your Home Warm

Having the right window treatment can make a major difference in your comfort and energy costs.

Out of all the places in your home, your windows are responsible for losing the most warmth during the winter. Single-pane windows with an aluminum frame leak the most energy. While double-pane windows with a wood or vinyl frame are better, they can still make your home feel chilly.

Here’s how plantation shutters can help block heat loss during cold weather.

  • They’re built from dense materials with a high R-value. This measurement calculates how well insulation stops heat from leaving or entering your home. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, wood shutters have an R-value of 3-4. That’s more than two times higher than blinds and nearly two times higher than shades. Polymer shutters rank at 6 or better, making them one of the most energy-efficient window treatments. Since they’re so energy efficient, you may notice your home feels comfier at a cooler temperature.
  • They fit tightly against your windows, making an additional barrier. The way plantation shutters fit windows plays into their high R-value. The highest quality ones are custom made for your home to provide top energy efficiency and comfort. Other window coverings, such as curtains, blinds and shades, don’t provide as tight of a fit.
  • They fit unique windows. Some window shapes, like arches, circles and bay, are more difficult to cover. As a result, their energy efficiency can suffer. But this isn’t the case with custom shutters, since they can be made to fit nearly any window.

Other Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient in Cold Weather

Having the right window treatment goes a long way in keeping your home comfortable and heating bills down. Here are a few other tips for saving energy during cold weather:

  1. Maximize natural warmth. Make the most of the sun’s energy by keeping south-facing window treatments open during daytime and closed at night.
  2. Set your thermostat at the correct temperature. The Department of Energy recommends 68 degrees during the day. When you’re away or sleeping, you can set your thermostat between 64-65 degrees. You can get rid of some of the guesswork and extra work by installing a smart thermostat. This device finds out your temperature preferences and schedule, and then creates energy-efficient programming to match.
  3. Set ceiling fans to reverse. Warm air gathers near the ceiling but running your ceiling fan in reverse can redistribute that warmth.
  4. Change your air filter regularly. A filthy air filter can cause your HVAC system to work harder and use more energy. Flat filters should be changed monthly, while pleated filters can last for up to three months. A good rule of thumb is to replace yours whenever you can’t see light through it.
  5. Schedule a home energy audit. Many utility companies offer this service for free and will give you ideas on how you can boost your home’s energy efficiency. Some of these ideas may include installing LED bulbs, sealing leaks and inspecting insulation.
  6. Add more attic insulation. Most homes don’t have adequate attic insulation, which helps control indoor temperatures and prevent heat loss. Southern climates should have 13”–14”, while northern climates should have 16”–18”.

Keep Your Home Comfy with Shutters from Louver Shop of San Antonio

Plantation shutters aren’t just a wise choice for frigid weather. They can also keep you cooler during the summer and reduce your air conditioning bills. At Louver Shop of San Antonio, we’ve been specializing in making homes like yours more beautiful and energy efficient since [[year]]. To learn more about how plantation shutters can keep you comfy, call us at 888-428-1415 to schedule a free, in-home consultation.