Are Plantation Shutters Still in Style in San Antonio?
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Are Plantation Shutters Still in Style?

When you hear the phrase “plantation shutters,” you might picture the shutters your grandparents had in their residence. You could be envisioning a narrow frame with miniature louvers, knobs and a clasp to keep the panels shut.

Named traditional shutters, this window treatment is the most historical model of shutters. They’re designed just like they used to be many years ago. And they’re a great match if you own a historic home.

But what about true plantation shutters? Are these thick-louvered, typically white shutters still in demand today? Or are they dated?

At Louver Shop of San Antonio, our American-made plantation shutters are still a top seller today. They’re also coveted by homebuyers because of their performance, light-filtering effectiveness and energy conservation. In some situations, they might even increase your house’s resale value.

So, we can confidently say, plantation shutters are still in style in San Antonio. And they’ll remain fashionable for many years.

Here are several solutions for how you can make this classic window treatment match your residence.

Designing Your Plantation Shutters

At Louver Shop of San Antonio, we make designing your plantation shutters a simple approach. We get started with a free consultation, where you’ll be paired with a local pro. You’ll go over shutter samples and get professional measurements, all at no charge and at no obligation.

One of the initial steps in picking the best plantation shutter is determining a plantation shutter material.


Selecting a Material

  • Wood is a luxury shutter material. It’s the lightest, sturdiest and most standard for plantation shutters. We make our Louver Shop of San Antonio wood shutters from furniture-grade wood, which is the most superior wood available. Because of their lightness and strength, wood shutters are good for covering expansive windows. But they aren’t the best option for areas with high temps or intense humidity.
  • Faux wood, also known as polymer, is an economical shutter material. This material is also extremely energy efficient, since it insulates up to three times greater than wood. We make our Louver Shop of San Antonio faux wood shutters from thick cellular PVC. This material has the appearance of wood. And it can take on heat, humidity and moisture without peeling.
  • A combination of the two materials provides you the strength of wood frames and the energy efficiency of faux wood louvers.

Choosing Louver Width

Our plantation shutters can be designed with three different louver thicknesses, 2½”, 3½” or 4½”. The slimmest width is great for traditional houses, such as colonial, while a bigger style enhances updated farmhouse and other contemporary residence styles. The thicker width also gives a greater view, plus extra natural light and air.

Plantation shutters are controlled through a tilt rod. This rod is attached to louvers in the middle of each panel. For an ultramodern look, our PerfectView™ Louver Control System obscures the tilt bar from view.

Determining Color

Normally plantation shutters are stained or painted white. White is a traditional plantation shutter color that makes your home seem lighter, airier and larger. But many of our plantation shutter types are available in custom tints. Make yours a statement piece in your residence by selecting a modern finish, such as gray, black or red.

Regardless of which color or stain you settle on, you can feel content realizing your Louver Shop of San Antonio shutters have a water-based, low VOC finish. Foreign-manufactured shutters may give off large doses of VOCs, or volatile organic compounds. These chemical fumes might result in headaches and respiratory symptoms.

Design Your Custom Plantation Shutters with Louver Shop of San Antonio

There’s a reason we’re the most popular company for plantation shutters in San Antonio. Between our professional expertise, free consultation and up-front pricing, we make crafting custom shutters an easy, and even fun, process. Ready to get started making your shutters? Get in touch with us a call at 888-428-1415 or contact us online now to request your free consultation.

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